photographer on koh samui

Planning to get married on Koh Chang? You need a wedding photographer!
Why do you need a wedding photographer? photographer on koh samui An increasing number of people are now choosing to get engaged, celebrate a special occasion or even get married, or at least have a blessing ceremony, here on the island. You can make do with a few snaps from your Iphone and a friend of a friend snapping away with their point and click Canon, but if you want some memories of the day that you’ll be proud to share with other people, then you’re going to need a wedding photographer. Fortunately, hiring a wedding photographer on Koh Chang is nowhere near as expensive as it would be back home.

There are a few good photographers based on and near the island now and the one I’ve chosen to highlight is a talented young photographer, Mr Phusit Wirutthaporn, who is from Trat. He has been running his own photography business, фотосессия на самуи specialising in wedding photos for several years and has photographed many weddings on Koh Chang and elsewhere in Thailand.

He’s from the area and has been visiting the island since he was a boy, so knows the best locations and the times of day when the light is best suited to using them. In his eyes, every wedding is different and his aim is to get the couple and their families to forget her is there, so he can record the moments, expressions and emotions of their special day set against beautiful scenery.

His services include Pre-Wedding & Engagement Photo Packages as well as Wedding Ceremony Packages. He provides make-up artists, stylists, hire of wedding dresses – in either Thai or Western style, as well as transportation to locations. All to ensure that the happy couple have a stress free, day to remember.

Underwater Pre-Wedding shoots, taken in a hotel pool, are also available for who wants something a little different